Original Artworks:
All the artwork shown at Vetri is handmade by artists, designers, and makers. Because your piece is handmade, there may be some slight variations in form, size, shape, and color. If you have questions regarding specific works, please contact the gallery directly at 206.667.9608, or by email at vetri@vetriglass.com

An item that I want is sold out. Will it ever become available again?
In some cases the item may be available again and in others it may be a one of a kind artwork. Please contact the gallery directly at vetri@vetriglass.com or 206.667.9608. We can usually do a special commission.

Gift Certificates:
E-mail or call us at vetri@vetriglass.com or 206.667.9608. We can send you a Gift Certificate.

It would be our pleasure to work with you to create a registry for your wedding or special event.

Appraisal Services:
Vetri offers complimentary non-IRS insurance appraisals on all work purchased from our gallery.

Artist Submission Policy
We accept artist submissions on an ongoing basis. If you would like to submit work for review please send a digital submission to vetri@vetriglass.com. Please include a cover letter, at least five images (jpgs only please) of your current work, an artist statement, and current resume, as well as any supplemental material. We will get back to you within 8 weeks of your submission.

Changing an order after it has been placed:

Can I cancel an order?
If the order has not processed and shipped, you can cancel an order through your Amazon profile, or you can call us at 206.667.9608 and we can cancel the order for you. If we have already processed and shipped your order, we can not cancel it, but you may return it within 30 days for an item of equal value or credit to be used on a future purchase.

How can I change my order after it has been placed?
You can edit your order through your Amazon profile. Or you can call us at 206.667.9608 and we are happy to work with you on changing your order.


When will my order ship?
Most items are available to ship in 3 business days. We can work with you on expediting a shipment if you need it sooner. We also offer local courier service to the Seattle metropolitan area.

How will I know that my order has shipped?
You will receive a confirmation email when your order leaves the gallery.

Do you ship outside of the United States?
We ship worldwide.

How can I track my shipment?
We ship using UPS, and you will receive a UPS tracking number for your order.

What if my artwork arrives damaged?
All items ship fully insured via UPS. Should you receive any item broken or damaged keep all packing materials and boxes and contact us as soon as possible during business hours at 206.667.9608 or vetri@vetriglass.com.


Return Policy:
We do not give refunds. However, items with original invoice may be exchanged for items of equal value within 30 days.

How do I return a gift I received?
We can exchange the item or issue a merchandise credit within 30 days of original purchase.

How can I find out if my return has been received?
Once your return has been processed we will send you an email confirmation listing your return and a copy of your merchandise credit. If you have concerns, you may always contact the gallery directly by phone at 206.667.9608

Glossary of Glass Techniques:

Acid Etched glass: A layer of glass is eaten away by hydrofluoric acid. This leaves a matte finish and is usually a much lighter color in appearance.

Blown glass The shaping of glass by blowing air through a hollow rod into the center of a molten glass gather.

Cane Any string or rod of glass.

Carved Glass chunks may be carved, ground, chiseled or otherwise shaped like other sculpture materials.

Engraving Design cut or scratched on glass with diamond point, stone, metal or copper wheel. Usually more complex and flexible than cut glass work.

Etching Glass may be etched by hydrofluoric acid, HF1, which likes silica.

Flashing Very thin layer of colored glass fired or vaporized on base glass.

Gilded Metals, such as gold, fired onto glass.

Incalmo Joining two or more blown sections while hot.

Kiln-formed Glass that is altered, fused, shaped, or textured by the heat of a kiln.

Latticinio Threads of white or colored glass within clear glass, sometimes lace-like in pattern.

Lamp or Flame work Any glass-working technique done with the direct flame of a torch; work with pre-formed glass rods and tubes.

Lost wax casting The object is modeled in wax and cased in a ceramic or plaster mold

Millefiori The Italian term, "thousand flowers," used to describe mosaic glass objects.

Mosaic glass Vessels or objects are built up of preformed elements of glass placed around or in a mold and slowly heated until the glasses fuse together.


Overlay Blowing a bubble with color on the inside, the bottom is attached to a solid core and then the bubble is turned inside out, leaving a thin color "flash" on the outside.

Reticello A cane technique resulting in a fishnet pattern on the surface of the glass in which a tiny air bubble rests between two strands of cane.

Sandblasting High-pressure air mixed with sand applied to the surface of glass to carve texture.

Slump A technique used to form glass using a mold, heat and gravity.